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Identifying Learning Styles

Learning Style Analysis is an Internet-based Assessment that is designed to enhance educational success by discovering how students learn, work, and study effectively. The assessment covers 25 learning dimensions of diversity such as; Left/Right Brain Dominance, Sensory Modalities, Physical Needs, Environment Social Grouping, Attitudes, etc. There are 3 different versions of the assessment for different age ranges. There is also an assessment for teaching styles. Results from 5 or more individuals can be grouped together to find the profile of a group. Assessment time is approximately 20-25 minutes.

There are 4 different versions of the Learning Style Analysis:
  • Learning Styles - Junior (Ages 7-13) (LSA)
  • Learning Styles - Senior (Ages 14-18) (LSA)
  • Learning Styles - Adult (Ages 18+) (LSA)
  • Teaching Styles (TSA-Ed)

Free Online Demo
Is your organization interested in implementing the learning styles assessment? Email us at to request your free demo. Please specify the appropriate test based on age range.

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Learning Styles - Junior (Ages 7-13)  $14.00 USD.        

Learning Styles - Senior (Ages 14-17)  $14.00 USD        

Learning Styles - Adult (Ages 18+)  $14.00 USD        

Teaching Styles (TSA-Ed)  $20.00 USD        
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LSA - Junior
 Personal Report (Student)
 Personal Report (Teacher)
 Personal Report (Parent)
 Group Report

LSA - Senior
 Personal Report
 Group Report

LSA - Adult
 Personal Report
 Group Report

TSA - Ed
 Personal Report
 Group Report