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Learning Styles in Action Book by Barbara Prashnig $34.95 ($5.95 shipping in US)

In this practical guide Barbara Prashnig shares her experience of using learning styles in a wide range of settings around the world and demonstrates how to apply personalized learning in real and varied contexts:
  • how learning styles can help 'problem' students
  • multisensory teaching and learning, beyond VAK
  • ways to integrate learning styles and ICT
  • creating a learning styles classroom
  • the do's and don'ts of using learning styles
Each of the 24 chapters describes a specific aspect of style diversity and how to apply it in different situations - from nursery to university, from homework to exams, to sports coaching and sustaining change programmes in schools. Designed to be especially reader-friendly, Learning Styles in Action enables anyone to easily find out not only what personalized learning is but also HOW to make it happen. This book is a 'must read' for everyone concerned about education, lifelong learning and ensuring that the needs of every child are met.

Power of Diversity Book by Barbara Prashnig $29.95 ($5.95 shipping in US)

Everyone has a unique style of learning, thinking and working. However, very few people consciously learn or work in a way which is best for them. The Power of Diversity has been written to help people discover their preferred way of learning and in turn help them succeed.

CoMIT Online College Major Interest Test online
30 day subscription for 10 individuals is $190.00

The College Major Interest Test (CoMIT) is an Internet-based inventory designed to help individuals select the BEST college majors and ultimately move into an associated career. Interests/Preferences are measured by the individual's reaction to a series of statements with visuals that depict actual job activities. The individual has the option to select any (or all) of the 5 Major Fields; Social Science & Humanities, Business & Economics, Arts & Communications, Science & Technology, and Engineering. For each field, there are 10 to 12 majors. In addition, there is a General Placement test for those individuals who are unsure where their interests lie.

The CoMIT results screen shows all the potential majors ranked according to the individual's preferences. Additional information is available about each major, including an overview, job & labor market information, required activities, tasks, skills, knowledge, abilities, work environment, career videos, plus much more. In additional, there are other links leading to over 3,000 colleges including student aid information plus many additional resources that are all part of the college planning process. Approximate completion time is 25 minutes per assessment. Exploration time varies by the individual. .

10 codes will be sent via email. In most cases this will occur within 24 hours.

Whole Person Assessment (1 PC for a period of 1 year) ($800 USD)

ICDL CD-Rom software $89.95 ($4.95 shipping in US)

International Computer Driving License is designed to raise the level of knowledge about Information Technology (IT) and increase the level of competency in using personal computers and common computer applications and to promote computer knowledge for all computer users, whether novice or advanced. ICDL has been adopted to prepare school students for their participation in the Information Technology society.

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